• 1898New Bern, North Carolina

    In the small town of New Bern, North Carolina, local pharmacist Caleb Bradham invented the original formula of what would become Pepsi-Cola. First called “Brad’s Drink,” this popular beverage was crafted with a mix of sugar, water, caramel, lemon oil, kola nuts, nutmeg, and other additives.
  • 1902Pepsi-Cola

    The instant popularity of this new drink leads Bradham to devote all of his energy to developing Pepsi-Cola into a full-fledged business. He applies for a trademark with the U.S. Patent Office, Washington D.C., and formed the first Pepsi-Cola Company. The first Pepsi-Cola newspaper advertisement appears in the New Bern Weekly Journal.
  • 1903From Drugstore to Warehouse

    “Doc” Bradham moves the bottling of Pepsi-Cola from his drugstore into a rented warehouse; he sells 7,968 gallons of syrup in the first year of operation. Pepsi’s theme line is “Exhilarating, Invigorating, Aids Digestion.”
  • 1904The Bishop Factory

    Bradham purchases a building in New Bern known as the “Bishop Factory” for $5,000 and moves all bottling and syrup operations to this location. Pepsi is sold in six-ounce bottles. Sales increase to 19,848 gallons.
  • 1905Charlotte and Durham

    Pepsi-Cola’s first bottling franchises are established in Charlotte and Durham, North Carolina. Pepsi receives its new logo, its first change since 1898.
  • 1906The Original Pure Food Drink

    Pepsi gets another logo change, the third in eight years. The modified script logo is created with the slogan, “The Original Pure Food Drink.” There are 15 U.S. Pepsi bottling plants. The Pepsi trademark is registered in Canada. Syrup sales rise to 38,605 gallons. The federal government passes the Pure Food and Drug Act, banning substances such as arsenic, lead, barium, and uranium, from food and beverages. This forced many soft drink manufacturers, including Coca-Cola, to change their formulas. Pepsi-Cola, being free of any such impurities, claimed they already met federal requirements.
  • 1908Horse-Drawn Carts to Motor Vehicles

    Pepsi-Cola becomes one of the first companies to modernize delivery from horse-drawn carts to motor vehicles. Two hundred fifty bottlers in 24 states are under contract to make and sell Pepsi-Cola.
  • 1909Barney Oldfield Endorses Pepsi-Cola

    Automobile race pioneer Barney Oldfield endorses Pepsi-Cola in newspaper ads as “A bully drink…refreshing, invigorating, a fine bracer before a race.”
  • 1910Bottler Convention

    The first Pepsi-Cola bottlers’ convention is held in New Bern, North Carolina.
  • 1920Drink Pepsi-Cola, it will satisfy you

    Pepsi theme line speaks to the consumer with “Drink Pepsi-Cola, it will satisfy you.”
  • 1939Radio Jingle

    Pepsi created the first radio advertising jingle to be broadcast from coast to coast.
  • 1950Television

    Pepsi-Cola advertised on television for the first time and modernized our famous script.
  • 1977#1 Cola Product

    Pepsi-Cola became the most popular cola drink in supermarkets.
  • 1998Historical Site Opens

    The Birthplace of Pepsi historical site opens
  • 2012Coming Home

    Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo Indra Nooyi announced that the annual PepsiCo shareholders meeting would move to New Bern. “We are proud to be a North Carolina company and feel at home right here,” she said.